September 2018

Happy Couple Smiling

Understanding Dentures vs. Implants

Having one or more missing teeth is more than just a cosmetic concern. According to the American Dental Association, not replacing missing teeth can cause sagging facial muscles, inability to speak clearly, difficulty chewing food and getting proper nutrition, and a lack of proper jaw alignment. You have several options to replace missing teeth, including a […]

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Young Woman with Invisalign vs Braces

5 Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments to Improve Your Smile

Dentistry isn’t just about keeping your smile healthy; it’s also about keeping your smile beautiful. Cosmetic dentistry will beautify your smile with various treatments to help you achieve the ultimate smile you won’t be embarrassed to show off. Teething Whitening One of the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatment options is teeth whitening. Our teeth tend to

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