3 Tips to Prevent a Cavity This Holiday Season

Variety of Holiday Cookies

Ah, the holidays! Warm scarves, a crackling fire…and countless sugary treats that can cause can dental pain and cavities if you don’t take proper care of your mouth.

This holiday season, practice some preventative dentistry strategies to prevent a cavity, root canal, or crown.


Holidays often mean traveling to see family and friends. Always bring along your toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, and other dental items along. Even when you are traveling light or staying for just one night, your travel toothpaste and toothbrush should always come with you. This way, you won’t have any excuses like “I left them at home.”

Parents, bring along a few extra toothbrushes for kids whether you’re staying at a hotel or in a guest room.


During Halloween, candy is everywhere you look. Not only will kids bring home their loots from trick-or-treat hauls, but workplaces and homes often have bowls of candy ripe for the taking. Remember to brush after meals instead of going to bed with a full belly and dirty teeth!

Look for candy that doesn’t stay in your mouth long, such as a candy bar instead of hard candy or gummy candy. Some health experts suggest asking kids to choose only “the best” treats and donate or freeze the rest of their candy rather than being tempted by a big bag. Handing out sugar-free candy will also help visitors with their future dental health but won’t be as obvious (or lame!) as giving out toothbrushes!


While it’s easy to blame all of those so-good, yet so-bad sweets for every winter cavity, they are plenty of other culprits that can contribute to possible tooth decay or increased cavity risk. Keep on the watch for cookies, pies, candies, chocolates, and other sweet treats that often grace holiday menus. Other common foods that are prevalent during the holidays such as breads, rolls, coffee, and wine will also affect your dental health when consumed in excess.

Your mouth can also take a beating beyond sugar. Colder weather and more exotic or unfamiliar food from someone else’s kitchen can contribute to chapped lips, canker sores, and even oral infections. These can also aggravate pain from recent dental procedures such as a root canal.

Have questions about dental care during the holidays or need to schedule a dentist appointment before the new year? Contact HollowBrook Dental today!
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