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HollowBrook Dental is dedicated to helping patients with their chronic head pain.  For many, migraines can become a regular source of pain and discomfort.  Migraines can begin in your teens and carry through adulthood. While medications can alleviate the pain, they can achieve varying levels of success and rarely do they eliminate all symptoms associated with a migraine. If you are a life-long sufferer, you may feel you have depleted all your options.   At HollowBrook Dental, we have found that anti-inflammatory foods can aid in preventing migraines.  

Foods That Can Trigger Migraines. 

Many migraine sufferers have tracked and cataloged the foods that trigger their severe headaches.  Generally speaking, foods that cause inflammation in the body have been known to either set off a migraine or make it even worse.  Most, if not all, processed foods include ingredients that cause inflammation. In addition to processed foods, other foods that appear on trigger lists include: beans, red apples and pears, tea, milk-chocolate, dairy products, red meat, citrus fruits, and nuts.  
Can Foods Really Prevent Migraines? 
Research has found many diseases and infirmities are a direct result of inflammation inside the body leading scientists and doctors to believe the best way to lower internal inflammation is to avoid consuming heavily processed, refined or manufactured foods.  Cytokines or inflammation causing proteins increase when trans fats and sugars are ingested, and sometimes when foods on the common trigger lists are eaten. Inflammation is believed to be a big contributor to the frequency and the severity of migraine headaches. Ultimately, reducing inflammation in the body should result in fewer and less severe migraines.    
Anti-Inflammatory Foods.
Some of the best foods for anti-inflammation are fruits, especially those rich in anti-oxidants, vegetables, whole grains, dark greens, ginger, olive oil, and oily fish. 
Many migraine sufferers have found relief of their symptoms by avoiding foods they have identified as personal triggers and replacing them with beneficial foods known to be anti-inflammatories.
HollowBrook Dental can help you treat your chronic, migraine headaches.  Call today to speak with one of our doctors about your options for migraines and chronic head pain.
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