6 Benefits of Using an Electric Toothbrush

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Almost all toothbrushes these days are manufactured with plastic handles and nylon bristles, which can be effective at removing food particles and bacteria, while also being relatively benign toward the teeth themselves. The difference between a manual toothbrush and an electric one is that the brushing motion required for cleaning teeth is generated automatically by an electric toothbrush, so you don’t need to supply any of the motion yourself.  This can be particularly appealing to younger brushers, who don’t really care for dental hygiene or the brushing process, so a secondary difference between manual and electric brushes is that the electric toothbrushes make the job much easier, and are therefore usually more appealing to many people. There is, of course, also a price difference, since an electric toothbrush will cost somewhere between $8 and $80, whereas a manual brush will only cost $1 or $2.
Here are some of the other ways that an electric toothbrush can help with taking care of your teeth.
Cleaner and healthier
The simple fact is that the bristles on a manual toothbrush simply cannot reach all the places between teeth where plaque and tartar have a chance to build up. The rotating heads of an electric toothbrush have bristles that are able to reach some of these difficult places, so they do a better job of keeping your mouth clean. It’s also true that an electric toothbrush provides more equal pressure on both sides of your mouth, whereas in manual brushing, you tend to use more force on the side opposite whichever hand is holding the brush, so brushing techniques are different.
Longer and more thorough cleaning
You almost always get a more thorough cleaning with an electric toothbrush, and even young children will generally brush longer with one, simply because it’s easier than manual brushing. This matters a great deal, for anyone interested in avoiding cavities and effective preventative care. 
Elimination of bad breath
Bad breath often comes from having food particles and plaque stuck between your teeth and along the edges of your gums. Since electric toothbrushes do a better job of removing all this material, chances are you’ll have much better breath when using an electric toothbrush.
Electric toothbrushes do all the work
When using an electric toothbrush, all you really have to do is hold it, and it does the work for you. Most electric toothbrushes are also timed, so that you spend adequate time on each quadrant of your mouth, and you never have to guess about how much you need to brush a certain area.
Fighting gum disease and gingivitis
Gum disease and gingivitis most often start as a result of plaque and tartar buildup at the gum lines, and electric toothbrushes simply do a better job of removing this. All the hard to reach places missed by a manual toothbrush will likely be cleaned by an electric one.
Better whitening
If you feel your teeth need to look whiter, you may also purchase detachable polishing heads to use with your electric toothbrush. These generally have a cupped design and will be made of rubber. When coupled with a whitening toothpaste that’s non-abrasive, these rubber polishing heads can do a very good job of whitening your teeth.
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