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Although teeth whitening is technically a cosmetic dental procedure, plenty of our patients have told us how much getting this done has improved their entire lives.

People who have had teeth whitening performed are more likely to smile bigger and proudly display their teeth. They may feel more confident in themselves and their appearance, especially if they’ve spent years covering their mouth, providing small closed smiles or avoiding social situations where people can potentially see and possibly judge the color or shades of their teeth.

Today, there are several teeth whitening products and services available that can help. These include everything from strips you can apply at home to in-office procedures. Plus, we also encourage people to look for ways to cut back on or stop cigarettes, wine or coffee, which all are known to contribute to discoloration and staining for some people.

The effect of whitening, along with the process, can vary from quite bright to diminishing some older shades and stains.

All about Zoom Teeth Whitening!    

One whitening service that our team is especially proud to offer is Zoom! This is a combination of in-office and home treatment that can provide instant results.

The process of Zoom teeth whitening begins by providing the patient with custom dental trays. Each tray is filled with a special whitening gel that goes on the teeth. Then the gel is activated by a UV light.

This treatment is able to help your teeth become significantly brighter and whiter, even in a single visit.

Patients can continue to receive this treatment at our office, or they can bring their trays home and use them for future whitening maintenance.

Whitening Needs

The HollowBrook Dental team is always happy to hear your questions or concerns about your own dental health or that of family members. As we age and eat certain foods or drink certain beverages, our teeth are more likely to become discolored or stained.

The question of the right teeth whitening process often comes up, and we’re always able to make recommendations on products or services to fit your particular dental needs.

We do caution that whitening isn’t for everyone. If you have chronic sensitivity, you might not be a good candidate for whitening. Whitening methods don’t actually cause your teeth to become more sensitive, but they can make existing feelings of sensitivity worse, such as experiencing pain or discomfort when having hot or cold foods or drinks.

We also recommend against teeth whitening if you have other oral health conditions or are being treated for such items as oral cancers, periodontal diseases, unhealthy gums or current cavities.    

Let us know how we can help or arrange an appointment.  
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