What are Permanent Dentures?

Man with Dentures

Anyone who has experienced serious problems with their teeth, or anyone missing teeth might consider permanent dentures as an option. In a recent survey, more than half the denture-wearers polled feel their lifestyle was in some way degraded by their dentures, either in their jobs, social interactions, or romantic lives.

This is not surprising, given there’s always a danger of having your dentures slip out of place at the most inopportune moment.  This generally causes embarrassment and inconvenience. However, there is a better solution available, and that is the much greater certainty and confidence provided by permanent dentures.

What exactly are permanent dentures? 

Permanent dentures are held in place by implants connected to the jawbone, and intended to remain in place indefinitely. They are not removable in the way common dentures are, which means they will never slip or slide out of place. Once you’ve had them in for a while, they feel much like your natural teeth, and there’s no risk of them falling out or shifting in your mouth, even while eating.

Who is eligible for permanent dentures? 

Anyone who has sufficient jaw bone to support an implant is eligible for permanent dentures, although, ideally you should also be in general good health. Practicing good oral hygiene after the procedure will not only promote a quick recovery, but will ensure your permanent dentures last a very long time.

Benefits of permanent dentures

One of the most important benefits of permanent dentures is you no longer experience pain associated with poorly fitted dentures. Implant supported dentures eliminate the need for adhesives to hold common dentures in place.

And of course, one of the most obvious advantages of permanent dentures is you will be able to eat anything you want, at any time. You won’t worry about crunchy or chewy foods causing slippage or poor chewing.

Learn more about permanent dentures 

If you have any questions about permanent dentures, contact us at HollowBrook Dental, where we have a number of permanent denture experts on our staff. We’ll be happy to schedule a free, initial consultation at our Colorado Springs dentist office, to help you improve your smile, and the social aspects of your current lifestyle.
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