What you should do if you have a dental emergency

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Regular dental care is important for good dental and overall health. Sometimes accidents occur and for dental emergencies in Colorado Springs, don’t delay in contacting these caring professionals. 

How Often do Dental Emergencies Occur?
You may be surprised to know that, according to one source, about one in six Americans experience a dental emergency each year. The American Dental Association has reported that emergency dental visits are increasing. Certainly, this is a good reason to choose a great dentist for Colorado Springs Dental emergencies.
What Is A Dental Emergency?
Conditions or signs indicating a dental emergency include:

  • Severe dental pain and bleeding.
  • Experiencing a knocked-out tooth.
  • Having a very loose adult tooth.
  • Having an abscess or serious infection in your mouth. Signs may include swelling or knots in the gums or facial swelling.
  • A chipped or cracked tooth is an emergency if the fracture is painful or if it has sharp edges that could cut the mouth or gums.
  • Braces that have broken brackets, or poking wires.
What Should You Do If You Have a Dental Emergency?
First, call your dentist for dental emergencies in Colorado Springs. Then in the short interval between the emergency event and your appointment, take these measures:
  • For an adult tooth that is loose or misaligned, simply try to put the tooth back in-place using light finger pressure.
  • For a tooth that is knocked out, quickly pick up the tooth by the top (don’t touch the root,) wash it gently, then put the tooth in a cup of milk to keep it moist.
  • If a crown falls off, apply Vaseline or toothpaste to the crown and put it back in place, then apply pressure.
  • For a cracked tooth, rinse the mouth with warm water and apply a cold compress to the face.
Choose a great dentist for Colorado Springs dental emergencies. Contact Hollowbrook Dental for exceptional dental care. We believe good dental health is a family affair and see ourselves as part of your family. From preventativerestorativeimplant, to cosmetic procedures like teeth whiteningorthodontics, and Invisalign®, we provide compassionate and extremely satisfying dental care in a comfortable, trusting atmosphere. We always have a doctor on call for your emergency needs.
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