Healthy Holiday Choices for Your Teeth

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The holidays are upon us and that means time for friends, family, food, and fun. But with the food (and sweets) comes the danger of eroding your valuable dental health. It’s time to make healthy holiday choices for your teeth.

Why is Good Dental Health Important?

Taking good care of your teeth is important, and not just because “mama said so.” Teeth are a key part of one’s appearance and often are the first thing that someone will notice when they see you. Good teeth and a good smile give a person confidence. Good teeth contribute to good eating habits and to a healthy diet. Healthy dental habits prevent bad breath, gum disease, tooth decay, and save money on dental repair work. A professional Colorado Springs dentist can help you keep your teeth in great condition. 

Use these handy tips to keep your teeth healthy during the holiday season:

  1. Don’t misuse your teeth. They were not meant to crack nuts or open packages. Use other instruments instead to avoid serious dental damage. Also, don’t chew on ice.
  2. Avoiding sweets may not be easy. Just be wise about the sweets that you eat. Hard candies are a problem waiting to happen. Be careful with thick sticky candies like caramels and taffy that can cling to the teeth and promote tooth decay as well as possibly pull out fillings. If you do eat sticky sweets wash out your mouth with water afterward.
  3. Don’t bite your nails.
  4. Avoid sugary carbonated drinks. If you do consume them, use a straw to keep most of the acid away from your teeth, and follow that with a swish of water.
  5. If you are consuming wine, choose white versus red due to the staining effect of red wine. You can eat cheese with the wine to balance the pH of the wine.
  6. The good news is that turkey is a good choice because it is a great source of phosphorous and protein which can help fight tooth decay.
  7. Eat plenty of veggies like broccoli, celery, and carrots because they offer plenty of Vitamin A which is an enamel-strengthener.
  8. Keep up your frequent brushing habits.
  9. Follow-up the holidays with your dentists Colorado Springs professionals.

Choose a Great Colorado Springs Dentist

Contact HollowBrook Dental for exceptional dental care. We believe good dental health is a family affair and see ourselves as part of your family. From preventative, restorative, and implant to cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening, orthodontics, and Invisalign®, we provide compassionate and extremely satisfying dental care in a comfortable, trusting atmosphere.
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