Introducing our newest addition to the practice: Colorado Springs Aesthetics

Colorado Springs now has a totally new aesthetics facility and group of practitioners to choose from with the opening of Aesthetics of Colorado Springs (ACOS). The specialists at ACOS provide services centering around natural face rejuvenation through a variety of different techniques and procedures, all of which are aimed at restoring your natural beauty, and minimizing or eliminating any unwanted signs of aging.

These advanced treatments will reduce the presence of facial lines, help you recover from acne scars, remove undesired facial hair, and treat skin conditions such as rosacea and melasma. This Colorado Springs facility is the newest care-providing center under the HollowBrook Dental umbrella, and is staffed by aesthetics specialists with years of expertise in their field. 

Aesthetic Services

Aesthetics, as they relate to facial services, involve a number of different possible treatments, each of which will be totally customized to the patient at the ACOS facility. Some of the possible services you might avail yourself of at Aesthetics of Colorado Springs include:

  • Micro-needling with PRF
  • Hair restoration with PRF
  • Botox and Xeomin
  • Facial fillers
  • Liplase
  • 4-D Vector facelift
  • Smootheye
  • Bio-Regen Signature Treatment
  • Combination acne treatments

If you’re not sure what kind of facial treatment you need, please do contact us so we can explain the various procedures to you, and we can determine what might work best in your circumstances. Keep in mind that not everyone is a good candidate for facial rejuvenation, so we’ll need to consult with you to make that determination.

About Our Practice 

In addition to natural facial rejuvenation, we also specialize in delivering treatments with our modern Fotona laser, which is capable of remediating aging and sunspots, facial hair, and broken facial spider veins. Our practice is all about attempting to restore your own natural beauty, and removing obstacles which might hinder that. Specialists at our facility have been well-trained and have the experience necessary to help you achieve a much more appealing personal look, thus restoring your self-confidence and making you feel a whole lot better about the world.

About Lea Gattoni

 Lea Gattoni considers it her personal mission to enhance the natural beauty of her clients, and to improve their self-confidence. In order to accomplish this, she has become a board-certified Physician Assistant who has undergone 14 years of experience in medical dermatology, and she is also a Master Aesthetic Injector who has 12 years of experience in medical aesthetics. She is constantly upgrading her skills and staying aware of industry developments, so she can bring the very best care and treatment to all her patients.

Complimentary Consultation 
Most patients are unaware of the wide range of aesthetic services which might be available to them, especially those offered on a non-surgical basis at Aesthetics of Colorado Springs. Contact us for a complimentary initial consultation, so we can examine your facial features and discuss with you any procedures which might potentially benefit you, and which might help to restore your own natural beauty.
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