Tips for protecting your teeth during the holiday season

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With the holiday season right around the corner, now might be a good time to think about teeth hygiene and how you can avoid damaging your teeth through an excess of sugary foods and all the delightful confections associated with the holidays. Your Colorado Springs dentist at Hollowbrook Dental has some recommendations in case you were wondering – “How should I go about taking care of my teeth?” Here are some tips you should observe, so that you can safely navigate through the holidays without developing cavities afterward.

Tips for protecting your teeth 

Follow these tips conscientiously, and your teeth should emerge unscathed from the holiday season:

  • holidays and candy – minimize the amount of candy you let your kids eat, because kids’ teeth generally don’t get the best dental hygiene
  • stick to your dental routine – don’t forget flossing and brushing just because it’s the holiday season
  • schedule a post-holiday checkup – to make sure you don’t start developing cavities, schedule a checkup for right after the holidays
  • don’t skip an appointment – don’t skip a dental appointment just because it might interfere with your holiday schedule – every appointment is important for eliminating plaque and tartar, and for checking for possible tooth decay
  • drink lots of water – water helps to flush out any material that might stick to your teeth
  • don’t open items with your teeth – you can seriously damage a tooth if you try to open a bottle or packaging with your mouth, the same goes for cracking nuts with your teeth
  • chew cinnamon gum – cinnamon gum contains an ingredient called cinnamon aldehyde, which eliminates a great deal of cavity-forming bacteria
  • nibble on cheese – if you’re drinking alcoholic beverages, try nibbling on cheese occasionally, because this cuts the acidity of the alcohol
  • keep a portable toothbrush on hand – if you plan to attend several seasonal parties, keep a portable toothbrush or cleaning kit on hand, so you can maintain good dental hygiene. 

Schedule a post-holiday appointment 

To make sure you haven’t overdone it during the sweets-laden holiday season, schedule a post-holiday cleaning and checkup with us at Hollowbrook Dental in Colorado Springs. You won’t have to feel guilty about holiday excess, and you’ll have peace of mind from knowing that you got your teeth cleaned and rid of any cavity-forming bacteria. Keep in mind that your oral health has a big impact on your overall wellness, and you’ll want to start the new year in the best of health.
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