Using Lasers to Help in Dental Procedures

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Most modern Colorado Springs dental practices make consistent use of lasers to perform several different types of dental procedures. Laser dentistry provides a number of benefits that traditional dentistry can’t quite match. Many of the best dentists now incorporate lasers into their technology. Lasers can be used on both hard surfaces like teeth, and soft tissues like the inside of the mouth and the gums. As it pertains to the teeth themselves, one of the most frequent uses for laser technology is in teeth whitening. However, it can also be used in dental procedures that remove tooth decay and seal tubes that could cause tooth sensitivity. Soft tissue uses include removal of benign tumors inside the mouth, treatment of cold sores, frenula removal, and gum-shaping.

Why Laser Technology?

One of the great qualities of laser dentist is that it imparts absolutely no pain during a dental procedure, and that means laser dental procedures can be carried out without using any anesthesia. It also means that recovery times are shorter, because wounds heal more quickly, and tissue gets regenerated faster. There’s also less damage to any surrounding tissue, so the risk of infection is minimized. Since lasers can aid in coagulation, there’s usually less bleeding involved when laser dentistry performed. Unlike traditional dentistry, whenever laser dentistry is performed on soft tissue, it’s usually not necessary to do any sutures.

Lasers in Cosmetic dentistry

Another very common message of laser dentistry is in the area of cosmetic dentistry. Teeth whitening with a laser is probably the most effective way to instantly improve the brightness and whiteness of your teeth. This is a very quick procedure, whose results can be seen immediately after the treatment, and the results will stay in place for a longer period of time than most other options. The whole process only takes about an hour and it calls for a light-activated whitening agent to be applied to your teeth. This will bleach the organic part of your tooth to an appropriate shade of white. Then the laser is used to activate the whitener, and this brings about results very rapidly. This is a much more effective procedure than using any kind of teeth whitening kits or any other procedure you can do at home.

Crown lengthening

Another process which makes use of lasers in dentistry is crown lengthening. This is a procedure which calls for reshaping gum tissue so as to increase the exposed part of your teeth. This is usually done when teeth look too small or too short because the gums extend over the top of a tooth. Crown lengthening is also performed when the part of a tooth which is covered by the gums has to be restored because of decay, and it requires a crown or a dental filling. Some people have excess muscle tissue attaching the gums to the inside of the mouth. This tissue can easily be removed, so as to enhance the appearance of the mouth and to prevent spacing in the front teeth.

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