Back to School Dental Checklist

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Every new school year represents a new chapter in your child’s development. To help make it a good chapter, you can make sure that your child is receiving the dental care they need. Handling the following tasks will go a long way toward that goal.

Keep Cleaning and Checkups Regular

Transitioning into a school year will be a busy time for you and your child both, but it’s important not to drop regular checkups and cleanings from your family’s dentist. These have a variety of benefits. For one, checkups are an opportunity for your dentist to identify potential problems early. Even the best dentist will have much more success treating a dental issue if they begin earlier than later. Additionally, cleanings show your child that dental health is important, helping them create a positive attitude toward taking care of their teeth.

Maintain a Healthy Routine

Just as it’s important to maintain a regular checkup and cleaning schedule, it’s also important that your child maintain a healthy routine at home. That means brushing regularly with a toothbrush that’s in good shape. Brushing can’t reach every bit of plaque, though. That is why our Colorado Springs dentists and their colleagues across the country recommend flossing, too.

Consider Orthodontics

Orthodontics are devices such as braces that correct misalignments in the teeth. Experts recommend that a child see an orthodontist—a specialist who works with orthodontics—by age seven. But your child’s dentist may notice alignment issues earlier than that and recommend an appointment at a younger age, too. Likewise, if you suspect your child’s teeth aren’t aligned properly, bring it up with your dentist.

Stick to a Healthy Diet
Given that they may eat meals at school, going back can easily bring about diet changes for children. Still, this is a great opportunity to pack healthy, tooth-friendly lunches for your child. Moderating sugary drinks and food helps goes a long way toward preserving your child’s dental health. Likewise, packing choices like fresh fruit and vegetables helps model healthy eating. And if your child will be purchasing their own meals at school, be sure to talk to them about making healthy choices.

Consider a Mouthguard
If your child is an athlete, you may want to consider a mouthguard for them, especially if they’re involved in contact sports. A custom-fit model from a dentist will provide the best protection. Another reason to consider a mouthguard is if your child is grinding their teeth at night. Either way, your dentist can provide more input.

With the items on this checklist taken care of, the new school year will coincide with healthy habits and proper dental care for your child.  To schedule your child’s next dentist visit, contact our office today!
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