Am I Too Old for Orthodontics?

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Some Colorado Springs residents have wondered about this question, and as almost any dentist can tell you, no one is really too old for orthodontics. The city’s best dentist, HollowBrook Dental, can explain to you why this is true, and why you should have orthodontic work done when it’s suggested. There are other factors that might influence your suitability for orthodontic procedures, but your age is not one of those factors. In truth, approximately 33% of all orthodontic patients in this country are adults, so that should tell you age is not an issue.

Orthodontics for younger and older patients

Though patients of all ages can successfully undergo orthodontic treatment, there are a few age-related differences in the process. This is primarily due to the fact that older people have usually stopped growing, and their bones are more dense and more mature. That means it will generally take slightly longer for the transition to take place with older patients. The pressure exerted on teeth to move them into proper position requires more time to be effective with older patients. It’s also more likely that an older patient would have pre-existing dental issues like a number of fillings, missing teeth, or worn teeth that may affect the process.

Best options for older patients

We have seen many improvements within the field of orthodontics, and that means patients often have the option of orthodontic treatments that are rarely noticeable. Clear aligners blend with your natural teeth making them unnoticeable without looking closely. Of course, not everyone is a candidate for clear aligners, so a consult with your orthodontist will be required. Discuss available options with your orthodontist, and you’ll know what the best options might be for you.

What to expect

It can take up to two years for orthodontic treatment to be completed. While this might seem long, it is minimal when compared to the lifetime of a beautiful and healthy smile. If you are a good candidate for clear aligners, the process can potentially be shortened to 18 months or even a year in some cases. It will depend on how quickly the internal structure of your teeth and your mouth respond to the pressure exerted by the clear aligners. 

Keep in mind that you don’t have to sacrifice all the benefits achievable through orthodontics if you happen to be an older person. You can have the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. It will be the first step toward a lifetime of wonderful smiles, and great dental health as well.

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