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What is Periodontal Maintenance vs Regular Cleanings

You may have glanced at a bill from your dentist and found a big difference between the cost of periodontal maintenance and a regular cleaning. At HollowBrook Dental, your Colorado Springs dentist, we are sometimes asked about this, so we decided to explain these two dental procedures. What is periodontal maintenance? Periodontal maintenance is a …

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What is a Malocclusion? HollowBrook Dental

What Is Malocclusion?

A malocclusion may sound like a complicated condition, but its basic definition is simple: A malocclusion is the presence of crooked teeth or an ill-fitting bite, as described on the University of Michigan Health Library website. With that said, there are many variations of malocclusions as well as treatments. Common problems stemming from malocclusions include teeth …

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