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Amalgam-Free Fillings

For over a hundred years, dentists in the United States have used a silver and mercury-based amalgam to fill in cavities and arrest tooth decay. While these fillings are safe for the most part, they are dark silver in color, and depending on their placement they can be unsightly. At HollowBrook Dental, we offer amalgam-free fillings, made of a resin composite much like what we use for dental bonding.

Amalgam-free fillings
Filling sand Bondings HollowBrook Dental


If you have decay in between the cusps (the bumps that make up the chewing surfaces of your molars and pre-molars), we will most likely recommend an inlay, which will be custom made to fit into place and create more structure and strength for your tooth. For one or more damaged or decayed cusps, we will usually recommend an onlay, which is usually smaller and will replace the damaged portion of the tooth. 

With digital dental impression technology and our own lab, we are able to make completely custom inlays and onlays on-site without the long wait that you’ll experience with other dentists in Colorado Springs.

Filling sand Bondings HollowBrook Dental

Erase Chips, Cracks, and Gaps with Dental Bonding

Minor flaws in your teeth can cause major confidence issues. With dental bonding (also known as bonded composite veneers), a resin-based composite is matched to the color of your teeth and molded over the affected tooth or teeth to create natural, attractive results.

If you have gaps between your teeth, we can fill them in and give you a full, healthy looking smile. Bonding can also correct minor misalignments to straighten and even out your teeth without the need for braces. Cracks, chips, and discoloration can also be corrected with bonding.

We can perform the entire bonding procedure in just a single visit. We are committed to giving you the smile you’ve been dreaming of!



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